Soundbar Shelf for TV

Soundbar Shelf for TV | Top 3 Sound Speaker Shelves

While most of the soundbars have wall mounting capabilities, you can still opt for a soundbar shelf as it can be very convenient. Not only this shelf can hold your soundbar, but also there is a bit of space to fit in other accessories that come along with your soundbar, for example, remote control or surround speakers, etc.

I personally feel that it is more convenient, safe and easier to house your soundbar on a shelf as compared to mounting it on the wall.

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Soundbar Shelf for TV Reviews | Top 3 Speaker Shelf 


So, here goes our list of top 3 best Soundbar shelves to consider in 2016. These products are durable and solid enough to bear the weight of your sound unit and keep it safe. Usually, you need to drill only 2 or 4 holes for installing the shelf; you can still hire an expert to do complete the task neatly. A few of these may not need any installation. They only sit over your TV!

1 – Stanley ATS-124 TV Top Shelf-Large Size

The Stanley ATS-124 TV Top Shelf is 24 inch in width and can easily house a large soundbar. It mounts on the top of any flat panel, and you need no tools or hardware to install it. This makes it easier for you to keep things simple and straightforward.

While it is specifically designed for the soundbar systems, the: Stanley ATS-124 TV Top Shelf can also house standard speakers, game systems, décor items, pictures and other small accessories that can easily fit over it.

2 – CorLiving MCS-408-S Soundbar Wall Shelf

The CorLiving MCS-408-S Soundbar Wall Shelf has a revolutionary design. It appears less like a shelf rather a tempered glass shelf. While it is only 6mm thick, it can easily hold your soundbar above your flat TV screen.

The installation is pretty straightforward and fast. However, you must ensure that it is firmly attached and affixed to the wall to avoid any drops later on. I recommend adding a tiny support underneath when after installing. This will give it extra strength to bear the weight of your soundbar.

CorLiving MCS-408-S Soundbar Wall Shelf has a capacity of holding soundbars up to 5KG or 11lbs in weight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any extra space to accommodate any additional accessories.

3 – ALV3 Wall Mount Glass Soundbar Shelf

Last but not the least, the ALV3 Wall Mount Glass Soundbar Shelf is a great pick for mounting your sound bar. It is perfect for home cinema systems as well and has a weight bearing capacity of up to 8KG that is exceptional.

It has a stylish look and boasts a 5mm tempered glass. Installation is fast and straightforward and hardware comes along with the product along with instruction manual to guide you. Apart from the soundbar, you can also place those flat speakers quickly.