Soundbar for Small TV

Soundbar for Small TV Revealed

Having a small TV has its own perks and charm, especially when you are living in a small apartment or a rented room with limited space, as too big flat screen would only create a mess by consuming more space. Unfortunately, a common issue with all flat screens is their tiny speakers that don’t sound well. Don’t worry, our guide on soundbar for small tv will help you out in the scenario you are in.

Luckily, the market has got a soundbar for small TV as well, and you can enjoy an excellent sound quality without losing any extra space or creating a mess of wires.

soundbar for small tv

So, here are some of the best sound bars for small TV screens to consider in 2016. They come with great features, attractive prices and outstanding audio quality with multiple connectivity options.

Soundbar for Small TV Reviews

1 – Sharp HTSL70 Sound Bar System

The Sharp HTSL70 Sound Bar System is one of the best soundbars for small TV sets. It has a sharp and crispy sound quality and has a very affordable price. The body is quite sleek and slim and sets easily in front of your TV without consuming any extra space also it doesn’t block the picture as well.

Moreover, the soundbar has a great bass and treble, and you won’t be needing any subwoofer. The soundbar is so compact that you would barely notice it when you’ll enter the room.

Furthermore, it perfectly complements with other accessories in the room and thus is a great piece of décor as well. It has HDMI port on the back of the body from where a single cable runs into the TV and connects the sound bar.

2 – Alco Electronics Home Theater Sound Bar

The Alco Electronics Home Theater Sound Bar is really a home theater with a sound quality that you have never heard before. It has a cheap price tag but no compromise on quality and clarity of sound. The surround sound effects are incredible, and you can place it anywhere you want.

The best position that guarantees a perfect sound spread in the room is mounting it on the wall above the TV. Because in this position, there would be no tangling cables hanging here and there, plus it looks neat as well. The Alco Electronics Home Theater Sound Bar also has subwoofer effects with a great bass that enhances your experience.

3 – LG LSB306 Sound Bar

The LG LSB306 Sound Bar comes just under $120 and is loaded with rich features that will delight you. I had a chance to experience this soundbar at a friend’s house, and it was one hell of a great audio unit.

The mounting options are multiple and the crystal clear along with a powerful bass and treble collectively makes it a killer audio unit in the room.

While a few users said that the surround sound effect isn’t that great, still it gives you the best sound quality you desire. Check out the price of LG LSB306 sound bar speaker on Amazon.