Soundbar for 70 Inch TV

Soundbar for 70 Inch TV Screen

The modern day flat screen TVs with a thin profile and those curved edges look attractive. They give a realistic view of what is going on the other side with an outstanding image quality and graphics/animations. Unfortunately, the only thing that more than 95% of these LEDs lag is a pair of good sounding speakers. The built-in speakers might suffice, but not enough to match a soundbar for 70 inch tv.

What’s the use of those high pixels when you can’t enjoy them right ? The best solution to those crappy speakers is a sound bar.

However, searching for the best and high-tech soundbars for your 70-inch TV may seem a bit daunting.

So, let us help you out in improving your audio experience with some of the best and attractive soundbar currently trendy in the market. We have picked these options for you keeping in mind the size of the TV and what features it demands to create a pure surround sound effect in the room.

soundbar for 70 inch tv

Soundbar for 70 Inch TV Reviews



The Sonos Playbase All-in-one Soundbase (a Soundbase is a device that sits under the TV) is a great soundbar for 70 inch tv. It comes with an integrated subwoofer and dual downward drivers that enhance the overall sound quality. In simple, with Sonos Playbase, you don’t need any separate subwoofer unit or external satellite speakers. This saves space! Apart from subwoofer and drivers, it also features a high-resolution audio codec and also supports internet connection and is supported by Google Cast and Spotify Connect. It has a crispy audio and a wide soundstage with support for all high-end film soundtracks including the 4K passthrough. In simple, the Sonos Playbase All-in-one Soundbase is one of the best soundbars for a 70-inch TV.


Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar


The Klipsch HD SB3 Soundstage is one of the top selling models of Philips brand and also the most popular soundbar in the USA. It has a sheer look with a glossy and patented piano black glass top and a low profile design that makes it unique. The sound quality is outstanding and is guaranteed to enhance your experience. It comes with a separate wireless subwoofer that can be placed vertically or horizontally. Extra features include multiple connection options, optical, HDM, ARC and Bluetooth.


Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar


The Sonos Playbar is the market leader especially when it comes with the multiroom soundbar. It supports a powerful streaming service and is integrated into Sono’s multiroom system that gives you the freedom of treating it like any other of its internet-connected speakers. It is, in fact, a 3.0 system with an excellent sound quality and a sleek design with a polished finish. While there is no Bluetooth connectivity or subwoofer options, you will still enjoy a fantastic music with its optical input. Installation and setup are straightforward and easy.