Best Soundbar Under 1000 Dollars Reviewed

Best Soundbar Under 1000 Dollars


Looking for the best soundbar under 1000 dollars? Well, your wait is over. There are many choices to choose from. The kind of features you expect in this range are being built by many different soundbar brands. Now, I know, it must be really hard to decide which one to buy. Your guide for the day is here! I have shortlisted the best 10 soundbars, which will surely help you arrive at a decision. So, here we go.

Device Name Weight Size Price
Yamaha ysp-2500 26.2 pounds 5.6 x 37.1 x 2 inches

Sony HT-ST5


45.7 pounds

45 x 12.1 x 24.4 inches

Philips Fidelio B5


9.9 pounds

2.82 x 6.12 x 40.71 inches
Klipsch R-10B 7 pounds 4.1 x 2.8 x 40 inches

Focal Dimension


12 pounds

4.5 x 4.5 x 45.25 inches

Sonos Playbar


11.9 pounds

35.4 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches

Samsung HW-H750


7.3 pounds

37.1 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches
Atlantic Technology H-PAS Powerbar 235  

18 pounds


42.8 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches

Denon HEOS Home Cinema Soundbar  

6 pounds


3.7 x 40 x 3.2 inches

Polk Audio Omni SB1 Wireless Soundbar System  

33.1 pounds


47.5 x 16.7 x 22.3 inches



Best Soundbar Under 1000 | Reviews & Ratings


Yamaha ysp-2500

  1. When we talk about Best Soundbar Under 1000 dollars , we know what Yamaha is known for. And this YSP-2500 speaks for itself. This beautiful invention with a matching wireless subwoofer is especially designed for large screen TVs to not only provide best sound quality but also give its customers an immersive experience. This soundbar is priced under $1000 and it happens to be the soundbar one can buy right now. Let’s discuss further about its design, features and performance. After knowing so, what it really does, I’m sure you won’t think twice before buying it.

best soundbar under 1000

Design Features, Performance

When it comes to design, Yamaha is known for creating their own looks. One glimpse at YSP-2500 and you will know it’s one of Yamaha’s collection. Correct me if I’m bragging. It’s jet back, sleek design makes it effortlessly attractive. It is a long rectangular designed soundbar with front and top made with aluminium. It’s stiff and unbending structure, it helps prevent unnecessary vibrations. It’s 16 speakers (hidden under a grille), each powered by 2W of amplification, helping it to deliver the best sound quality. This soundbar is designed in a way that it can be wall mounted with the help of a handy template which included for this purpose. It’s guarded and tactful wireless subwoofer can be placed in a corner. It’s glaring and blazing display makes it one of a kind.

There are Beam and Playback modes, which enhance the speaker arrangement to suit according to your source. Sufficient amount of tweaks are tucked into YSP-2500, each offers to boost-up the sound quality. Not to forget, the Yamaha’s Cinema DSP modes have a collection of sound-effects which it can play. It’s remote has a finest touch, the right size and weight you want. Let’s just appreciate Yamaha for coming up with a well-designed model and an instinctive to use remote handset. Take a bow, lads.

The sound system of YSP-2500 is remarkably amusing. And, is considered in the same league of emulating a 5.1 surround system which other soundbars can. Have you ever heard music in a system which makes you think how satisfying it is that you bought it and now have realised how powerful music can sound? I’m sure this YSP-2500 will make you thank yourself for buying this. It’s 16 speakers reflect music off the walls so that listeners get a realistic sound effect. The result is broadly immense and surrounded.

In summary, the design, features and performance of this astonishing model would make you go for this product. Who would not want a soundbar that is literally going to change the sound quality and will make you feel the difference. And believe me, if you can afford the price range, this will be the one thing you won’t regret buying.


  • Full with features
  • Highly adaptable settings
  • Firm and mighty bass response
  • Streamlined and slim design
  • Astonishing sound quality


  • Virtual surround may not be convincing in all environments
  • Monotonous music playback
  • A bit pricey
  1. Sony HT-ST5

Are you one of those people who love Best Soundbar audio systems? If yes, you should definitely start thinking about getting Sony HT-ST5. The Sony HT-ST5 provides an HDMI 20.0 connectivity updated with great sound quality and an amazing subwoofer combination. Let’s discuss in details what further this attractive invention can do.

best soundbar under 1000
Design, Features, Performance

The entire front panel of the main system is covered with a punched metal-type speaker grille. It can be mounted on the wall with it’s compact easy-to-place-it-on-a-table features. The wireless subwoofer and the striking soundbar, both encased beautifully in black exteriors would make customers go after this product. And that is, I guess the beauty of this product.

This beautiful model is full of description. It’s wireless streaming from the phones to audio system by using Bluetooth wireless connectivity would make all the customers go crazy for this product. Now, how do you do it? All you have to do is to connect your device with the speaker system by touching the logos. Connectivity is that one specification which customers would love the most. It is fitted with several HDMI ports, 2 optical inputs and 1 coaxial input are also connected so you can install many media devices without actually displacing other connections. There are 7 sound fields focusing on the music and others on the television. There are differences marked between all of them. You will know it once you use it. Other than this, there are 3 different voice types you can choose from. All of them effect the sound field.

As mentioned earlier, this device is especially designed to provide you the best sound quality. There is a 7.1 channel system which is furnished with mid-range speakers and tweeters to get vivid, balanced sounds and frequencies. If you add this 7 wireless woofer to the mix, you get an amazing sound listening experience. It doesn’t need multiple speakers to produce best sound quality. There is a control hidden behind remote’s slide which gives twelve-step sub volume.


This beautiful invention offers number of specifications. Have a look at it’s well-built design and you’ll understand what I’m trying to help you with. If you’re a movie or music lover who don’t go on any compromises over the quality of music. You, my friend, are just one step away from getting a Sony HT-ST5.


  • The Sony HT-ST5 is an appealing soundbar which offers amazing performance.
  • It’s HDMI connectivity, including ARC makes it look well-proportioned
  • Elegant 7.1 channel sound
  • 3 HDMI-in ports so you install without actually displacing
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Very attractive design
  • 7 different sound fields focusing on the music and television


  • Bit pricey for a soundbar
  • No onscreen display
  • Cables are required.
  • No streaming capabilities without Bluetooth being connected.



3.Philips Fidelio B5


The Fielio B5 is probably the most respected Best Soundbar Under 1000 dollars which offers quality, good handling and adaptability. It’s journey from being a traditional soundbar to converting itself into a wireless sound system is something to appreciate it about. Like other soundbars, it may not provide super-loud immersive sound quality, but, the versatility of this product over-power other things. It contains two detachable speakers, very attractive in shape. Being a surround sound system as well as a Bluetooth-powered multiroom system gives it the power to be the most flexible than other soundbars.

best soundbar under 1000

Design, Features, Performance

What makes a product look attractive? It’s always the design. And when we talk about design the B5 should come first. It’s sleek, elegant, curved, flat, appealing to eyes design makes it a luxurious product. The build and finish qualities are described as flawless. Because of its flat design, it doesn’t require the bottom edge of the screen. It gets adjusted in the space you find for it in front of the TV. It contains 7.5cm drivers and 25mm soft-dome tweeters, under the cloth grille. Each of them contains one full-range driver. The tall, slim and easy-to-tuck-away in the corner downward-firing wireless subwoofer claims 90W of power. It can smoothly become rear speakers or multi-room speakers with detachment in the ends of the soundbar. It communicates with them well. Indication of battery being low is shown on the LED by changing of colours from white to red. All you have to do is reattach them to the main soundbar unit to recharge again. An auto-calibration setup is also included to make sure you get the best possible surround system. It only works when the rear speakers are placed into position perfectly.

The detachable wireless speakers are what you call attention to. They are being communicated with the soundbar by using a proprietary transmission system which helps prevent interference from other wireless devices. There are two HDMI inputs, an output with ARC, single inputs for coaxial and optical pair of RCA. You can stream as many songs as you want by connecting your device with aptX Bluetooth. Pairing is prompt, you can make it a prompt process using one-touch NFC. On the right side of the central stripe, there is a NFC logo, just tap the device against it. The rear speakers can be shifted into Bluetooth mode. You can take them into any room, because they are wireless and easily portable. And you get a multi-room system, thanks to the rear speakers being all wireless, you won’t need any extra set-up

The performance of the Philips Fidelio B5 is magnificent. The sound clarity is outstanding. The wireless rear speakers do add a great job of creating depth to the sound while the soft dome tweeters keep the aural experience explicit and specific.



The Philips Fidelio B5 is an excellent soundbar that apart from being versatile, provides its great customers great quality. You certainly will get an enjoyable satisfying experience.


  • Fine-drawn details
  • Stimulating dynamics
  • Elegant design
  • Appreciable features
  • Multi-room speakers
  • Easily portable
  • Attractive structure


  • As a single bar, it’s too massive
  • Quite pricey
  • Not a strong stereo sound
  • Display panel is upward-faced
  • Might block TV remote sensor
  1. Klipsch R-10B

Is there anything more enthralling then being able to watch your favourite movies or shows on TV with all the comforts and qualities you need? I don’t think so. It’s every movie fanatic dream to have an HDTV. The R-10B offers the perfect 5.1 system with no requirements of extra speaker system. The Klipsch R-10B is a Best Soundbar which offers a great deal.

best soundbar under 1000 dollars

Design, Features, Performance

The R-10B is a well-designed product and is embed with an amusing black exterior. Being a flexible and versatile model, R-10B can be placed on a table as well as can be mounted on the wall. All the credit goes to the manufacturers who came up with its compact size. It is dominated by Black speakers grills in the front of the soundbar, saving the top space for the logo and for the adjustment buttons which are located in the middle of the bottom part. What makes the 8 wireless subwoofer different from other subwoofers is it’s side-firing driver which is made with a MDF cabinet. The wireless features of this product makes it easy to carry and you can place it anywhere you want without actually worrying about the wire connectivity.

Klipsch, having 68 years of experience in the market have succeeded in satisfying its customers till today. When it comes to features, this brand knows how to work. Take a look at R-10B, because of its adaptability it is very easy to connect it to your HDTV. There is a single digital optical cable, which connects your audio system and TV. You can also use the two- channel analogue for connection if your TV doesn’t have any optical audio input. Bluetooth technology is also there.

This product delivers the rich sound quality which you expect from it. The soundbar is furnished with textile-dome tweeters which are fitted with Tractrix horns, empowering you to listen amazing high-quality sounds.


In summary, the R-10B soundbar is an impressive soundbar that offers a lot for the price you are paying for. It has proved it belongs to a Klipsch family when we talk in terms of design, features and performance. Buy it if you are looking for that one amazing soundbar under low prices.


  • The Klipsch R-10B soundbar offers an instant boost to your TV and movie while watching with dynamic sonic performance
  • For a soundbar, music sounds better than you would expect
  • Subwoofer offers impressive bass
  • Bluetooth receiver offers aptX support to deliver better-sounding streaming.
  • Appealing design


  • Little extras
  • No bass controls
  • Overly meagre with only two inputs
  • 3D Surround Mode not supported by a DTS
  1. Focal Dimension

When we talk about excellent Best Soundbar systems , Focal comes in the list. It is mostly known for making irresistible yet worth the price products. The dimension soundbar is simply one of the amazing designs of Focal. With its black accent with aluminium construction, this product knows how to sell itself.

Best Soundbar Under $1000

Design, Features, Performance

The Focal Dimension no doubt is an attractive soundbar. It’s a bit unusual soundbar than the rest of the soundbars. But, it’s the unique design which makes it appealing. Its front section slants back, aiming towards the drivers upwards. The black- clothed speakers, a touch-sensitive control panel which lights-up when you place your hand near it are the features which highlight this product the most. You can also control volume, power it up and activate the night mode. This idea of this soundbar is to place the TV on top of its whole setup and its sound system to sit neatly in front of it. but, it does make sure the effect of sound doesn’t get changed.

As said earlier, wave your hand on the right hand side of the bar and there, a touch-sensitive control panel gets activated. An exclusive touch which allows you to switch input, change volume and activate the night mode. What else would one need from a soundbar? Thanks to Focal for coming up with this idea and making our lives easier. This control panel comes with the bar and what a great job it does. You can also use it to make adjustments for lip-syncing. You can connect your audio to TV in different ways, through the ARC or Focal’s optical digital input.

You need to complete the whole set-up process before you unleash the dimension. This involves twitching a collection of switches correlate with how and where the bar will get placed, and how far you are away from it, how quiet your room is and you are using a subwoofer or not. Its definitely important to go with the manual instruction on this one, because with the wrong settings you won’t get the perfect quality of sound you are looking for. The touch panel also, it gets overlooked on these kind of products.


In summary, the Focal Dimension does a wonderful job for delivering great sound quality to its customers. Whether you love its unique design, or features, it is perhaps, one of the best soundbars in the market. Its stylish structure and a touch-sensitive control panel makes it look appealing in the eyes of the customers.


  • Attractive design
  • Great sound quality
  • majestic bass weight
  • Great with delivering music
  • Heavy bass output
  • Clear tone


  • Little HDMI inputs
  • Bluetooth is not integrated
  • Low-quality remote
  • Setup requires more potential
  • Speaker wire is inadequate for sub
  1. Sono Playbar

Sonos is also a Best Soundbar which is known for doing things its own way. It doesn’t go on doing mainstream things. Like bouncing beam or updating with 5.1 surround sound. When Sonos firstly introduced their playbar, there was nothing like this product, and still, they are best in their own way. This soundbar is the newest to the family of Sonos, and with this product, Sonos, again is making its way in the market.

Best Soundbar Under $1000
Design, Features, Performance

The Playbar is an attractive product. it will easily get fitted under your flat-screen without causing you any problem. A black speaker cloth, a pewter coloured edge on either side of the bar is what you call a well-designed exterior. It also contains a pair of same inset bands rings on each end, for the design language of the Sub an echo is introduced, with its standard volume. On the right side, there is an LED power light with a mute button.

This soundbar works best when aligned with the wider facing out edge, even if its not wall mounted, you can stand it on the edge. Using the android or iOs app, set-up is very easy to use. All you have to do is add the Playbar in the same way you add any other Sonos component and do the step by step connection process. Now, for the ones who are going to use it for the first time, you will need to connect it directly with your router and this will be done using powerline devices. A pair of Ethernet sockets, allows you to connect with other components. TV, other devices, also the internet via Sonos network.

Having said that, Sonos has tried to leave an impact, more of an atmospheric sound rather than loud one. The listeners will feel it. When you will listen the music it will sound like as if its coming from upward rather than filling the whole room.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a device that will enormously improve the quality of sound from your TV and, will also give you the immediate access to any music you want in a glimpse. You, need nothing other than Sonos Playbar. A very fine product.


  • The Sonos Playbar incorporates the company’s best digital music software into a thoughtfully designed soundbar
  • It’s very simple to set-up and works seamlessly with other Sonos products
  • The Playbar itself also make it sound like you have more speakers than you actually do. An excellent job with virtual surround effects
  • Dynamic, deep, detailed, and wide soundstage


  • Doesn’t deliver much sound into the room as much as it could
  • The only connection option is optical
  • DTS soundtracks can’t be handled
  • The Playbar’s heavily processed sound does not please purists.
  • Many customers would be fine with cheaper Bluetooth alternatives.
  1. Samsung HW-H750
    The HW-H750 is Samsung’s latest and Best Soundbar. It offers a 4.1 audio solution, that without adding unwanted clutter, boosts your TVs. A captivating combination of the cutting edge with traditional. The amplifier gives a pleasing sound with losing their vividness and clarity. Its wireless sub handles roll with composure. A highly adaptable model having HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity.Design, Features, Performance

best soundbar under 1000

This soundbar, is a black mesh which curves bewitchingly along the edges. And its extras end panels helps in adding an extra mark of glamour. There is an aluminium mesh so you don’t get to feel the plastic feel which you normally get from other soundbars. The top window gives you a presumptuous look at the valve amps. With the orange glow, they look impeccably cool when the control panel beneath it functions. The control panel allows you to control volume, change inputs. An HDMI input and ARC output are included via sockets, which allow you to connect with HD-3D signals from a Blu-ray deck through your soundbar. Its 4K pass-through is not as supported as it should be. The shallow recess in the bottom is the place where these socked are located. With the help of hollow, it allows the cable to poke out.

The HW-H750 offers a number of features. The connections which are present in the product are something to compliment Samsung for. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections work amazingly. In Bluetooth, there is a NFC compatibility, which lets you pair compatible devices by clicking them on the soundbar. And sound Connect allows you to transmit audio from a TV via Bluetooth. There are very few connectivity stones which get unturned, otherwise everything gets in use. There is a sound effect option, in which you can experience different sound, like standard, cinema, sports, music. The surround sound expansion mode also does wonders, it expands the depth of the soundstage. You can also adjust the bass level according to you and subwoofer setting too.

This soundbar, it delivers powerful soundstage, turns movie playback, gives an enthralling experience. And there is a warmness and softness when you hear music from it. I think that’s a special effect of it. Because, most of the time, we all know what happens when we increase the volume. But, HW-H750 makes sure you get the best music. It not only accept large range of music, but also plays them smoothly, giving listeners an enjoyable tone. The up-tempo tunes reproduction is a treat, well-corporative sub.



The HW-H750 is a product you should not let go of your hands. If you have this sort of budget for a soundbar then it’s definitely worth the price.


  • Dual-orientation striking design
  • Pleasing to ears sound with crisp details
  • Excellent bass slam and combination
  • Great features and connectivity


  • A bit expensive
  • No 4K passthrough
  • No HD audio decoding
  1. Atlantic Technology H-PAS Powerbar 235

Atlantic Technology’s H-PAS PowerBar which makes its name in the Best Soundbar Under 1000 list is a combination of great design, adaptability, affordability, features and performance. It’s more like a gift for movie

 best soundbar under 1000

Design, Features, Performance
As we know, soundbars, day after day are getting thinner, but the PB-235, doesn’t include itself following the typical trend. It is 42.75 inches wide, 6.5 inches deep and 6.5 inches tall and weighs 20.3 pounds. Its nothing comparable to the other thinner soundbars. With this height, it doesn’t easily get fit in front of a TV. But it makes sure, it does not block the TV screen and remote sensor. In fact, it’s the first one from Atlantic Technology which gets wall mounted. There are keyhole brackets to mount it on wall if you want.

Let’s talk about the description which make this soundbar stands out. Number of connectivity options are given in this soundbar, both in the front as well as in the back panels. You will find a mini-jack input at the front panel for device integration and there is a digital input and 1 analogue input at the back panel. There is a switchable display located at the top centre of the speaker system. And, you will have to place it inverted position in order to mount it on the wall, basically to put the control section at the bottom. What’s the most amazing thing about this soundbar is that the display itself, it gets reversed too, allowing customers to read what is shown on the screen. With qualities like these, who would want such a soundbar at their place.

There is a thing which you might have noticed me not mentioning about it till now. Yes, there is a lack of an external subwoofer in this system. But that’s not something you should worry about. There is an H-PAS technology, which has dual woofers, and which certainly are enough to generate a powerful bass without needing the external subwoofer.


In summary, yes, there are some minor downsides when it comes to this system, but it certainly makes up for them with great sounds and powerful bass, all without an external subwoofer. Give a round of applause.


  • Excellent model design
  • Amazing sound
  • Switching between different channels
  • Capable of producing powerful bass performance without an external subwoofer.
  • Its sound quality is best for a soundbar, even if you compare it with competitors that include a sub
  • It also has a great tendency of connectivity than the average soundbar, including three digital inputs.


  • The PB-235 is heavy
  • It’s tall enough to obscure most TV screens so wall-mounting is also a must
  • A system deserves a better remote.
  • It’s expensive
  • No external subwoofer
  1. Denon HEOS Home Cinema Soundbar

Companies like Denon are working hard to put their products in front of the market. THIS HOES Home Cinema soundbar is its new member in the family. It delivers high quality music, with a smooth touch. You can watch your favourite movies, shows, and with this, being connected with your TV, you won’t complain about the quality.

Best Soundbar Under 1000 Dollars

Design, Features, Performance

When we talk about the HOES Home Cinema design, it’s mostly old school but with a combination of soundbar and subwoofer. It doesn’t have fancy displays like other soundbars. A very simple black design with a cloth grille is being followed. It has two different types of feet for stand mounting. For wall mounting two key holes are given. It has also given a template for the process to become easy. A status light at the bottom gets dimmed or turned off which indicate if IR blaster is blocking the TV’s sensor or not. Overall the design is an eye catcher.

Apart from the physical features of the soundbar and subwoofer, the HEOS Home Cinema also includes improved DSP processing that offers a powerful 400 MHz 32-bit floating point DSP engine. It allows the Home Cinema to deliver complete virtual surround processing. It can decipher Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS, and then use more advanced DSP processing algorithms to create a more high quality surround experience.

The Home Cinema can handle TV programmes in its progress, delivering clear exchange and number of of stereo separation. When a more complex soundtrack comes along, the soundbar grabs its gear, producing a wide soundstage with some precise output and excellent clarity. Music is well delivered and sound effects are perfectly positioned across the front. The bass is effectively supported by the subwoofer. If you’re in the market for a soundbar then Denon’s HEOS Home Cinema should definitely be in your short list. It’s attractively designed and uniformly constructed without being pretentious or seeking attention to itself. The classic look of the black soundbar and subwoofer combination will make most TVs look good and the connections include an HDMI input and an HDMI output with ARC. The Home Cinema doesn’t have a separate remote, you can either use the excellent HEOS App or your TV controller. The Home Cinema offers built-in Wi-Fi and forms part of Denon’s HEOS multiroom ecosystem, allowing you to listen to your favourite music streaming music from connected devices. You can also send the TV audio to other speakers when connected to the HEOS ecosystem, which might be very useful during live events. You have two options of stand or wall mounting the soundbar and there are number of accessories included with the Home Cinema.


The Denon HEOS Home Cinema offers beautiful looks and a dynamic performance. Once you will but it you would not regret it.


  • The Denon HEOS Home Cinema offers great home theatre sound
  • Excellent music replay
  • The device includes number of connections than most soundbars. It includes an HDMI, Wi-Fi and digital optical, and can even connect TV audio throughout the house
  • The number of streaming services is inclusive



  • No Bluetooth is available out of the box.
  • No separate remote control option
  • Limited HDMI inputs
  1. Polk Audio Omni SB1 Wireless Soundbar System

What do you really expect from a soundbar when you go to a market to buy one? It should deliver an impeccable sound quality. Right? Should be eye catching in looks. So that if someone comes in your home and look at this beautiful invention. They could not resist asking where did you get this one from. If you are looking for that one amazing soundbar, Polk Audio Omni SB1 Wireless Soundbar System is the one.

best soundbar under 1000

Design, Features, Performance
Let’s talk about what this amazing product can do. This soundbar from Polk is a sleek soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. It is measured to be 43 in length, 3.5 in depth and 2 in height. It is comparatively a light weighted product of 4.8 pounds. The two speakers are wrapped in a smooth black veneer. The entire front panel of the soundbar is taken by a stylish black speaker grille. On the top part, few buttons are also fitted, giving you the choice to turn the system on and off. As well as increase or decrease the volume and adjust other features too. It can be placed on table top as well as on a shelf due to its compact features. You can also wall mount this beautiful invention if your television is wall-mounted.

This stunning invention is very easy to use when it comes to connection. You can easily connect it to your TV without having inconvenience. It only takes a single optical cable to get itself connected and you are good to go. Due to the SmartBar technology which it has, your very own TV remote can also be used to control the system. But, in the package, a backup remote is also been provided. The only drawback with this system is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity. But, they have also worked on this. And its been replaced by a Wi-Fi connectivity. Giving you the choice to play an even greater variety of songs. Isn’t that the best thing?

Features which are installed in this product. They really help improve the sound quality and comparatively is better than other ordinary soundbars in the market. It contains a voice technology which has three-speak system and it also allows you to control the voice channel level and offering a vivid, definite sound quality. Without any wire clutter, the 8 wireless subwoofer makes sure a powerful bass sound is being delivered.


This invention offers you versatility and variety. If you’re a movie or music fanatic, then this system is perfect for you.


  • The free Polk Omni App
  • Easy to Setup
  • Beautiful design
  • The addition of Wi-Fi enables advanced streaming features with better sound quality than Bluetooth.
  • The wireless sub has its own volume control, which enables you to control the content you’re enjoying.


  • The remote is very small
  • The main unit is plastic and may not fit all look.
  • Some lower-mid warmth is lost due to the small size of the woofers.


You can also check our review guide on the best tower speakers under 1000 dollars if you are into floor standing speakers.